Friday, October 7, 2011

The Politician's Guide To Giving An Interview

Here is a simple step by step guide to the art of giving an interview for all of you hoping to make it to the top of the Capital Hill food chain.

  1. Ignore whatever questions the interviewer is asking. Your 15 minutes of fame is far too valuable to be wasted answering meaningful questions...afterall you have got yourself to promote.
  2. Never admit that you have made a mistake...ever, it's actually part of your master plan..."Yes you knew the microphone was still on when you went on your rant about homosexuals"...and if the mistake is too blatant to wiggle your way out of? Then it's not your fault, but it's the other party's fault.
  3. Most of the voters agree with you, because you are right...and the polls suggesting that you have 13% approval rating is just plain wrong.
  4. Just keep talking and don't stop, this will have several benefits. Firstly you wouldn't have to answer another awkward question about your dubious political record. Secondly you wouldn't leave anytime for your political opposition to defend themselves from your accusations and lastly you can spout out more of your propaganda.

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